10 minutes of snoring and rain (material poem of the dreaming poet)

  • Luis Bravo


A. Concept:
1. Sounds were recorded at random one night in a hotel during a trip, in 2014. The recorder was left on, while the poet was sleeping.
2. The recording was edited and becomes a poetic piece following its conceptual elaboration arising from the Vox Media call.
3. Snoring, which is not a voice, constitutes an uncontrolled sonority. The performance brings together the materiality of the whole representation.
4. Considered from this material basis the piece is the audiogram of the dream. Considered from the oniric perspective it is the sonority of the unconscious working.
5. Synthesis: the performance includes the variations of the snoring, the sounds of the rain, the dream of the sleeper, the chance recording of the sounds, the unconscious work of the poet.
6. The duration (10 minutes) is part of the materiality of the poem.

B. Installation: guidelines for the transmission. The simple way to listen to this piece is with headphones on a stereo. It is suggested that listeners experiment with alternating channels, if the equipment allows for alternating channels. a) For a first listening, use the left channel; b) for a second listening, use the right channel; c) for the third, use both channels in stereo. Left channel: sound landscape (snoring and rain) in linear time. Right channel: certain alterations of the ordering of the sequences produce other sound combinations. The stereo, both channels at the same time, alternates the snoring as in counterpoint.

Audio post-production made in the "labOratorio" Maldonado, Uruguay.

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Author Biography

Luis Bravo

Luis Bravo (Montevideo, 1957) Poeta, performer, ensayista, investigador, profesor. Ha producido poesía en muy diferentes formatos y soportes en relación a su concepción multimedial del fenómeno poético. Entre sus publicaciones y performances:  Árbol veloz (libro + cdrom, 1998) http://www.bienaldepoesia-uruguay.org/museo/ 31/13, poema-ciber  2005. http://www.intemperie.cl/dossier/temas/3113.htm Algo pasa por la voz (tres libros, 2008)  Tamudando (2010, Dvd recital en vivo junto a músicos, danza, y video arte)   http://www.revistalaboratorio.cl/2010/12/tamudando-de-luis-bravo-poesia-performatica-para-el-siglo-xxi/ Recital FeRreiero para 3 voces (L. Bravo, Clemente Padín, J.A. Italiano) performance  en Ciclo: La punta de la lengua 27.9.2013 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8RPYB22VYxU&list=UUJ0Ky-eYJh9kn_Rl_m_4Now Areñal: ene topos bilingües & other sounds (2013, CD/Cdrom) junto a John Bennett. En la vuelta de la voz (CD, 2014) junto a J.A. Italiano, J. Bennett, Catherine Mehrl Bennett. Liquen/ Lichen (libro, 2015) versión bilingüe. Traducción al inglés de William Blair y  Pablo Rodríguez Balbontin.  Paso de los Trovos: 100 DaDá (2016, CD on line) junto a Juan A. Italiano. https://juanangelitaliano.bandcamp.com/album/2016-paso-de-los-trovos-100-dad Altazor VII, puesta en voz de L. Bravo; Visuales: Fernando Foglino: Video producción: Little Génova. Performance en Inauguración del Mundial Poético de Montevideo Sala Verdi. 2016 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Eq1EA_Yr0sQ El Imán de la paz, performance, Luis Bravo. Video: Diego Cubelli https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dLm2J-3liz8 La tinta de la yunta (CD, 2016) con el trío Lengualunfa.

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