The Dialectical Syllogism in Aristotle’s Topics


  • Fernando Martins Mendonça Universidade Federal de Uberlândia – Uberlândia – MG –Brasil



Aristotle’s dialectic, Dialectical syllogism, Endoxa


The purpose of this paper is an attempt to delimitate what the dialectical syllogism looks like in Aristotle’s Topics.  Aristotle never gave an example of a dialectical syllogism, but we have some clues spread over books I and VIII of the Topics which make it possible to understand at least what within a dialectical debate is a dialectical syllogism. The interpretation advanced here distinguishes the logical order of the dialectical argumentation from the order of the debate. This distinction enables us to have a better understand of what is and how the dialectical syllogism is identified in the debate. In addition, we can solve some interpretative difficulties other interpretations could not solve, and have a more solid grasp of how endoxa are used in a dialectical debate.


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