Chamada para Artigos 68 de 2023 | Call for Papers 68 of 2023


The call for papers of Boletim de Estudos Clássicos is permanently open. Manuscripts and reviews must be submitted online, via the Open Journal Systems (, platform. 

For volume 68 of 2023, we welcome papers until June 15th. Manuscripts and reviews received after this date will be considered for evaluation and publication in subsequent volumes. Thus, the call for papers will always remain active, engaging our contributors in a permanent dialogue.

The Boletim de Estudos Clássicos has as its main mission research and dissemination in Classical Studies from a teaching and learning perspective in a pedagogical context, for higher and non higher education. The BEC seeks to serve the dialogue between researchers, specialists, teachers, students and amateurs of Classical Studies, with special focus on what is investigated in Classical Studies (language, culture, literature, pedagogy and didactics, reception), but also on what is done and happens in the contemporary world that reflects the relevance of Classical Studies for the understanding of today.