Organization and Representation of Musical Information (ORMI) in Portugal

a literature review




Organization and Representation of Information, Musical Information, Finding Aids


This article presents the results of a documentary research regarding the current state of Organization and Representation of Musical Information (ORMI) in Portugal. Many authors describe the national scene of ORMI as very shortcoming, due to the usual difficulties: time vs. detail in the description and lack of knowledge of musical language by the technicians Information professionals.

A survey of the monographs and articles as of 2011 that make a critical revision to the works of ORMI of several institutions was made, aiming to: 1) perceive their current state and 2) understand its strengths and weaknesses. We identified in these studies the analytic categories to create afterwards a classification structure by disciplinary areas, which shows semantic, structural and quality heterogeneity. The majority of Finding Aids are being produced by musicology projects with structures that respond to their information representation needs.


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