The Interpreter Guide - perspectives and tourist boosting of the world heritage site, Alta of Coimbra




interpreter guide, cultural tourism, University of Coimbra, World Heritage Site, Alta de Coimbra


The increase in cultural tourism has focused on the importance of heritage management and, in particular, the World Heritage Site (WHS) brand. In respect to Coimbra, there was a contribution to the increase in tourist flow, not only in the University High, but also in the surrounding urban center. It is precisely in this territory of the historic center of the city that the performance of the interpreter guide is mostly felt. Considering that the travel experience is motivated by the experiences with the place and with the host community respectively, the objective of the study is based on its relationship with the role of the tour guide, as a cultural mediator who, through guided tours, contributes to the "look" of the tourist. Based on these assumptions, it was considered essential to assess what role the guide can play in the definition of sustainable tourism strategies and the enhancement of heritage. In fact, in the performance of its functions the guide is responsible, professionally and ethically, for the preservation, valorization and promotion of the attractions and heritages of the destination. In the present case, the Historical Center of Coimbra/University of Coimbra is the geographical territory under analysis, and it is also proposed to contribute to a reflection on the importance of defining strategies and/or proposals for action that promote the Cultural Heritage of this place, integrated in the tourist destination Coimbra, as a reference product, with the guide interpreter as a vehicle of decisive communication.


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