Methodology proposal for the delimitation of buffer zones in the planning of protected areas in Costa Rica




Protected Wilderness Areas, Buffer Zone, Territorial Planning, Costa Rica


According to the results, the proposal of minimum variables that should be included in a scheme of inclusion of buffer zones of ASP in Territorial Management Plans are: characteristics of the ASP and its management, such as existence of proposals of buffer zones (management plan, conservation objects, monitoring results, among others), outside the protected area: topography, soil characteristics of the area, coverage and use of the land, connectivity and fragmentation of ecosystems, threats and pressures on ecosystems, fractionation of properties and soil market, roads, population centers, economic activities and their characteristics, ecosystem services (SE), indigenous populations and climate variability.

For each particular case, the systemic analysis must be performed with the listed variables, establishing with the result the buffer zone necessary to be incorporated in the Territorial Management Plan.


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