Methodological test for the territorial categorization of the municipality of Lisbon using data from the 2011 census


  • Margarida Miguel Pereira Departamento de Geografia e Turismo da FLUCCentro de Investigação em Antropologia e Saúde
  • Helena Nogueira Departamento de Geografia e Turismo, Centro deInvestigação em Antropologia e Saúde, Universidade de Coimbra



Territory, Principal Components Analysis, Hierarchical Classification Analysis, Moran's I


The more traditional perspective in Geography views territory as a dichotomous reality of sociodemographic and biophysical characteristics, with the specialty literature indicating, that both territorial dimensions coexist and interact. However, the number of indicators for each dimension is vast and makes the categorization of territory complex – a tas k that generates knowledge about the differences between territories, improving the planning process and making it more directed and strategic. This work main goal is to categorize Lisbon Municipality area at the statistical section level, integrating information on the physical and social aspects. For this purpose, multivariate and complementary statistical analysis te chniques were used: Principal Component Analysis (applied to the physical and social aspects of the territory) and Hierarchical Classification Analysis (based in the factors extracted in t he Principal Component Analysis). Clusters were mapped and it s spatial autocorrelation was tested.


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