The Wine Horses: Tradition, Heritage and Tourism in Caravaca de la Cruz (Murcia, SE of Spain)

Keywords: Wine Horses, Intangible Heritage, Tourism, Caravaca de la Cruz


Much of the intangible wealth of Spain derives from the different types of patron celebrations that are celebrated in their towns and localities, loaded with uniqueness, history and beauty. The Wine Horses are an example of so many, more 250 years old; its origin lies in the realization of a rite that was intended to bless wine in liturgical acts. Nowadays it is one of the most striking festivities in the country, where horses adorned with hand-embroidered harnesses perform a singular race f ull of emotion that attracts tho usands of people from all over the world to this town every year. His candidacy to be included in the List of Intangible Heritage of Humanity become it in a regional and national cultural and tourist reference.


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