Tourism and rural development in Lorca´s Highlands Shire (Murcia Region, Spain).

A case of study: The “Cinturón Espartaria” Project.

Keywords: Rural development, Rural tourism, “Cinturón Espartaria”, Active tourism


The Lorca´s Highlands Shire faces a socio-economic crisis due to the continued rural exodus, the ageing of the population and the decline of traditional activities. Since the 1990s there has been a development of rural tourism. In this context, was born in 2013 the “Cinturon Espartaria” Project, to generate a touristic attraction in the shire. In this paper we aim to do a socioeconomic study about Lorca´s Highlands and analyze the territorial impact of Projetc. The results obtained show a territory is a clear example of depressed rural área, having a little hopeful future. However, “Cinturón Espartaria” managed to have a great success in the organised activities, attracting hundreds of people who generate a socio-economic benefit during weekends in the numerous districts that form the territory.


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