Inter and transdisciplinary contexts of geography teaching for understanding the used territory

Keywords: Geography teaching, interdisciplinarity, transdisciplinarity, used territory


The article discusses the active role of geography, focusing on possibilities in the teaching of the discipline,
which promote critical understandings and the protagonism of the students in their socio-spatial context.
It presents two teaching/research proposals developed by researchers linked to the Nucleus of Studies Geography and Environment of the Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul.Within the Amora Project of the College of Application of this institution, the activity "Which country is these?" promotes an interdisciplinary teaching context, involving different curricular components, where the concept of territory gains centrality. Based on research carried out in the Tefé National Forest, didactic materials were built for the schools of this conservation unit. The discussions take place in the inter and transdisciplinary spheres involving multi-series classes and integrating traditional knowledge. In these contexts it was observed that in the inter and transdisciplinary discussion, Geography presents itself as an articulator between place, socio-spatial formation and the world, through the concept of used territory, which in Milton Santos's perspective is the geographic space itself.


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