Analysis of the bibliographic references of doctoral theses defended in the Post-Graduate Program in Tourism, Leisure and Culture.

Keywords: tourism, doctorate program in tourism, analysis of the university production in tourism, research in tourism, advanced training in tourism


The theses of doctorate degree, made at the Doctoral Program in Tourism, Leisure and Culture, in the PhD Program in Geography, with the theme of tourism, of the University of Coimbra (Portugal), were the reason for a bibliometric study, focusing on the analysis of the bibliographic references used by the different authors. It was analyzed 20 theses of doctorate degree, but 16 theses defended at Faculdade de Letras, and 4 theses defended at Faculdade de Ciências do Desporto e Educação Física, the theses were indexed at the digital repository, from University of Coimbra, Estudo Geral. Of the 20 theses collected and analyzed, 8,546 bibliographical references were compiled that compose the research universe, from which 10% of this population were extracted to compose the sample body. The results show the predominance of books (33%) in the bibliographic references, follow the journals (31%), other type of information (19%), chapter of books (10%), scientific events (4%) and master-degree/doctoral theses (3%). The analysis of academic production from the Doctoral Program in Tourism, Leisure and Culture, represented by the theses, contributes greatly to the consolidation of the area of Tourism in Portugal.


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