Environmental Sustainability and Tourist Practices in Bilene Beach - An Interpretive Reading of the Main Changes


  • Bernardino Jose Bernardo Universidade Pedagogica de Maputo
  • José Lourenço Neves Universidade Pedagógica de Maputo




Tourism, sustainability, environment, Bilene Beach


This research entitled Environmental sustainability and tourist practices in Bilene Beach - An interpretative reading of the main changes, aims to analyze the dynamics of tourism activity and its influence on environmental sustainability in Bilene Beach. The research favored the qualitative approach supported by the method of bibliographic review, direct observation, cartographic method and interview technique to 60 individuals, followed by analysis and synthesis. The study reveals that tourism is the main and fastest growing sector of socio-economic activity in the municipality. In turn, this growth has been accompanied by strong changes in environmental systems that underpin this activity, such as the beach, dunes and local biodiversity. The study concludes that tourist activity on Bilene Beach tends to sustainability although some challenges regarding landscape degradation persist. The study suggests the need for environmental education for stakeholders, the community and tourists, operators, local leaders, local state representatives and municipal structures in order to reduce the risks of balancing local ecosystems. It also suggests intensifying surveillance of the coast, lagoons, dunes, endemic fauna, in particular marine turtles and others, is extremely necessary in order to reduce the risks of balancing local ecosystems and infrastructures.


    Key words: Tourism, Sustainability, Environment, Bilene Beach.


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