Landscape preserved:

tourism interventions at the Feira da Praia Grande in São Luís – Maranhão – Brazil




Feira da Praia Grande, Landscape quality, São Luís, Tourism


This text has as its object of study the Feira da Praia Grande (located in the historic center of São Luís, Maranhão, Brazil), a relevant commercial building from the 18th century. This research aimed to evaluate the interventions of tourist activity (public policies for preservation and tourism) in historic areas, in relation to the urban landscape of Feira da Praia Grande. The methodology used in the research has a qualitative and quantitative character. Bibliographic and documentary research and field research were carried out with the application of a structured questionnaire to residents, tourists and marketers in search of a perspective on the landscape quality of Feira da Praia Grande. The main results made it possible to recognize that the Praia Grande Fair is considered a material and immaterial heritage consumed by tourist activity and that over the years its landscape has been modified as a result of tourist use.


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Author Biographies

Gisele Polanski França da Silva, Universidade Estadual do Maranhão

Bacharel em Turismo (Universidade Federal do Maranhão). Mestranda em Geografia (Universidade Estadual do Maranhão). Bolsista FAPEMA. 

Ivan Rêgo Aragão, Universidade Tiradentes

Mestre em Cultura e Turismo (Universidade Estadual de Santa Cruz). Historiador e Turismólogo. Professor EaD (Universidade Tiradentes).