The relevance of interpretation to the tourist experience in protected areas: valorization proposal for Serra da Lousã




Interpretation occupies an increasingly important place in the process of mediation between heritage and society with a view to sharing relevant information about the geographical context, the development of attitudes of appreciation towards heritage resources and the experience of unique tourist experiences in the territory.

 In the case of protected areas of Portugal, more than three dozen structures gravitate around the concept of interpretation center, with the purpose of welcoming visitors; provide information and knowledge about the characteristics of these areas; provide a wide range of activities, including environmental education, and be the starting point for the discovery and enjoyment of the territory.

It is in this context that we situate the project “Lousã: Feel & Live Nature Tourism in Mountain” (prepared by the authors in mid-2019) with the purpose of explaining the relevance of interpretation to the tourist experience in the Serra da Lousã (Natura 2000 protected areas network).


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