For the development of the wine territory of Bairrada

from weaknesses to opportunities




Territory, Development, Bairrada, Strategies, Swot/Tows


This research aim to understand the influence of internationalization of the complex social relationships established in the territory and the strategies practiced for development. Bairrada was chosen as the locus of observation, which is one of the Wine Routes of Portugal. For this research, the theoretical-methodological approach was centered on territorial development, considering the endogenous and exogenous typology of actors and agents, the types of actions, the circulation and communication networks, the philosophy of intervention of actions, the space/time relation in the territorialities and developmental relationships. To deepen this analysis and to propose more dynamic developmental strategies it was used the Swot/Tows methodology. The results indicate that the Bairrada territory has shown a positive development, leading to a desirable (normative) and more dynamic development.


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