“A Quiet, Secluded Little Miracle”*

Some Remarks on the Territorial System and Landscape of Central Apulia Twenty Years After the European Landscape Convention





Twenty years after the European Landscape Convention, considering the evolution of Italian law, the landscape plan of Regione Puglia’s is a case of interest for the implementation instruments adopted for governance of the territory. The focus of this paper is the area of the Archaeological Park of Egnazia, a major reference point of historical and cultural interest, along a charming section of coast. Along the interdisciplinary interpretation of this wide area, the second part of the contribution attempts to provide a synthesis of the philosophy and methodology behind the choice and adoption of the cognitive tools which technically and operatively inform the Landscape Plan. This plan holds together the requirements of the European conventions and the indications of the Italian Code, within a composite context. Finally, some considerations are presented on the meanings of landscape in Europe, at a time of the globalization crisis and climate change.


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