The Lower Valley of Ofanto River

From Landscape Archaeology to Landscape Design




The Ofanto river is the most important waterway in the karstic Apulia region and both nature and man have constantly written on its landscape palimpsest over centuries. The lower valley and the mouth are highly representative of the river landscape, currently threatened by abandonment and degradation. It could be considered an interesting case study of an area outside the major touristic flows but with great potential in terms of cultural values and local development. Following the approach of the landscape archaeology and crossing multi‑disciplinary analyses, the area is interpreted as a complex palimpsest. The paper points out a strategy of valorization of the river valley within the frame of the wider regional programmes by proposing an ecomuseum of the territory. The insights and the suggested guidelines allow the area to be “re‑signified,” to preserve the heritage and highlight the variety of features that make it unique in the local context.


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