Neighbourhood: A Threatened Heritage in Contemporary Europe




Europe is currently experiencing an identity crisis. The defence mechanisms of the material heritage are presently insufficient to safeguard the significant European intangible heritage: people and their citizen relations gradually conquered throughout history, based on values ​​of proximity, tolerance and multiculturalism; in brief, on the basis of the "neighbourhood" exercise, a concept intrinsically linked to the idea of ​​Europe. What social heritage should be safeguarded against such phenomena as “ghettoization”, “gentrification” and “touristification” in European cities? This article focus on four neighbourhoods designed by Álvaro Siza, in Venice, The Hague, Berlin and Porto, but above all on their exhibition at the XV Venice Architecture Biennale, in 2016, and concomitant analysis, seeking to rediscover these places where a Europe of many identities still resides and is made up of multiple neighbours.


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Biografias Autor

Nuno Grande, CES, DARQ, UC

Nuno Grande é arquiteto e Professor Auxiliar na Universidade de Coimbra (DARQ/FCTUC), onde se doutorou em 2009. Professor Convidado na Universidade do Porto (FAUP) onde se licenciou em 1992. Investigador do Centro de Estudos Sociais (CES) da Universidade de Coimbra. Foi programador e curador: no Porto 2001 e Guimarães 2012, ambas Capitais Europeias da Cultura; na Trienal de Arquitetura de Lisboa 2007 e na Bienal de Arquitetura de São Paulo 2007 (com J. Figueira); e na Bienal de Arquitetura de Veneza 2016 (com R. Cremascoli). Possui livros e artigos publicados sobre Arquitetura Portuguesa, dentro e fora de Portugal.

Roberto Cremascoli, COR arquitectos

Roberto Cremascoli is an architect, curator, and editor. He is the co-founder of the studio COR Arquitectos (Cremascoli Okumura Rodrigues) in Porto. Among the studio’s projects we may find the refurbishment of Grande Hotel do Porto and NAC,  the contemporary art centre of Marinha Grande, as well as Piazza Garibaldi and Salita di San Paolo in Cantù. He was Porto Poetic curator at the Milan Triennale (2013), and Álvaro Siza, Inside the human being at MART Museum in Rovereto (2014). In Rome (2016) he was responsible for the scientific content of the exhibition Álvaro Siza, Sacro, at MAXXI, and co-curator of the exhibition Álvaro Siza in Italia - Il Grand Tour 1976-2016, at the National Academy of San Luca. Still in 2016, he was co-curator of the Portuguese representation in the XXI Milan Triennale, with Objects after Objects, and with Nuno Grande in the XV Venice Biennale of Architecture, with Neighbourhood, Where Alvaro meets Aldo.