MATLIT 5.1 is now online


Volume 5.1 (2017) of MATLIT: Materialities of Literature has been published. This issue, edited by Osvaldo Manuel Silvestre and Felipe Cussen, is titled "Vox Media: Sound in Literature". Besides the section of research articles, this special issue includes a selection of fifteen sound pieces curated by Nuno Miguel Neves and Tiago Schwäbl. The selected works range from sound poems and sound narratives to soundscapes and remixes, including recordings by the following authors: Américo Rodrigues, Alfredo Costa Monteiro, John Bennett, Juan Angel Italiano, Luis Bravo, AG Davis, Álvaro Seiça, Ryan Wade Ruehlen and Mark Amerika, John F. Barber, Jessica Barness and Vince Giles, Sandrine Deumier and Philippe Lamy, Ryan LaLiberty, Vladimir Vladda Miloykovitch, Sara Pinheiro, and David Prescott-Steed. In the interview section, readers will find the transcripion of conversations involving five Chilean authors: Martín Bakero, Pía Sommer, Felipe Cussen, Federico Eisner y Fernando Pérez.

All texts are available in html and pdf formats. Audio files are available for streaming or download. MATLIT has a policy of free full-access to all texts, which can be read online or downloaded for personal use. Access can be made from the contents page.