MATLIT 1.2 is now online


Volume 1.2 (2013) of MATLIT: Journal of the Doctoral Program in Materialities of Literature was published at the end of March. This second issue of the journal is devoted to the theme 'Writing and Cinema'. It was edited by Osvaldo Manuel Silvestre and Clara Rowland.

This issue publishes articles by Jeffrey Childs, Amândio Pereira Reis, Sonia Miceli, José Bértolo, Rosângela Fachel de Medeiros, Francisco Frazão, Maria Joana Melo and Ricardo Namora. Clara Rowland and Susana Nascimento Duarte interview Tom Conley, and the Mediascape section presents a selection of websites and blogs about film and literature. The review section includes eight reviews of recent books and exhibitions.

All texts are available in html and pdf formats. Our journal has a policy of free full-access to all texts, which can be read online or downloaded for personal use. Access can be made ​​from the contents page.