With Munari the Form of the Book Followed its Function


Review of Giorgio Maffei, Munari’s Books, New York, NY: Princeton Architectural Press, 2015. 288 pp. ISBN 978-1-616-89386-6.

Munari’s Books by Giogio Maffei, like its subtitles states, is “the definitive collec-tion of book designs by Bruno Munari”, being “the first English-English monograph” about him. Bruno Munari was an Italian designer who lived be-tween 1907 and 1998, and made a huge contribution to an understanding of the materialities of the book and its interdisciplinary functionality as we know it nowadays. He considered books the “best medium to communicate his visual ideas (…) and convey his creative spirit” and by his practices he created new perspectives about the possibilities inherent in bibliographic structures as forms of visual and haptic communication.

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Author Biography

Tiago Santos

Tiago Santos is Santos is a multimedia designer and PhD candidate in Materialities Literature and in Contemporary Art. He holds a Master Degree in Design and Multimedia, and a Post-Graduate Degree in Visual and Information Technology from the University of Coimbra. He was a research fellow at the same University, 2012-2015, and took part in the projects “Experiment @ Portugal’12” and “No Problem Has a Solution: A Digital Archive of the Book of Disquiet”. His research interests cover areas such as branding, typography, graphic design and multimedia, as well as the use of technical media as artistic tools. As a designer, he specializes in the communication of events and brands, and has contributed to the brand consolidation and public communication of the film festival “Caminhos do Cinema Português”. In this festival, he has coordinated the production of multimedia content and the production resulting from the film workshops. He has coordinated the “Cinemalogia programme – From Idea to Film” since its inception until 2015. He has presented several papers at international conferences, including “Typography as Space’s Identity” at the conference “Identity & Culture” in Skopje, “Arts Branding – The Case of Caminhos” at the 12th International Colloquium on Nonprofit SIG, Arts, Heritage, and Social Marketing of the Academy of Marketing at Heriot-Watt University in Edinburgh, and “Multimedia Tools to Learn About Nanoparticles Characterization” in the International Journal of Online Engineering.

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