A Pilot Episode for the New Season of Seriality Studies

  • Ian Ezerin


Review of Rob Allen and Thijs van den Berg, eds., Serialization in Popular Culture, New York, NY: Routledge, 2014. 210 pp. ISBN 978-0-203-76215-7.

Serialization in Popular Culture represents one of the first results of the most recent effort in the field of serialization studies, which has benefited from this book publication by a renowned publisher. If I consider the collection as a pilot episode designed to test the potential of this new season, I think it possible to admit that, despite the extravagances of some contributions, the book justifies the continuation of the work in the area and, therefore, the 'serialization' of studies of transmedical and transhistoric character, with a connection to tradition, but with the emphasis on the particularities emerging from the establishment of digital media.

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Seriality Studies; Materialidades da Literatura; Materialidades da Comunicação; Tecnologias de Inscrição; Teoria dos Média; Novos Média