Poetic Publications Authored with Free Software Managana

  • Álvaro Andrade Garcia Ciclope - art and digital publishing
  • Lucas Santos Junqueira


In the Ciclope atelier, what moves us is the creation of new languages for the digital medium. In this text I present a synthesis of our research and experimentation work: a free digital publishing software called Managana; the first poetry eBook authored with it, Grão [Grain], launched along with the software in 2012; and our latest release, Poemas de Brinquedo [Toy Poems], launched in 2016. Grain and Toy Poems are good examples of publications that use Managana. Resulting from prolonged research in dictionaries and linguistics’ texts, etymology and mythology, Grain proposes to recreate the world through the word. Its poems experiment the evolution of James Joyce’s verbivocovisual to the possible interanimaverbivocovisual in a digital publication. The application-book-performanceToy Poems is a publication that addresses the possibilities and difficulties of today’s transmedia poiesis.


authoring software, digital imagination, digital poetry, poetic cosmogony, app

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