Literary Thresholds: Exploring the Edges of Ambient Literature

  • Amy Spencer UWE Bristol


This paper examines the use of thresholds as a feature of ambient literature to explore this emerging literary form and its literary roots. The Ambient Literature project is a two year AHRC funded research programme coordinated by three universities in the UK (UWE Bristol, Bath Spa and Birmingham) to investigate the potential of situated literary experiences delivered by pervasive computing platforms, which respond to the presence of a reader to deliver story. The project has commissioned three works of ambient literature from established writers to understand the form, the experiences of its readers and the process of its authoring. This paper will address the positions of form, reader and author and argue that the emergence of ambient literature can extend the understanding of literature and textuality while drawing on the heritage of electronic literature.


ambient literature, electronic literature, Gerard Gennette, paratext, digital writing

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