Locating New Literary Practices in Indian Digital Spaces

  • Shanmugapriya T Indian Institute of Technology Indore
  • Nirmala Menon


In this essay, we locate and explore new literary practices and expressions in Indian digital spaces such as SMS novel and social media narratives: poetry, flash fiction, twitterfiction which are not considered as electronic literature in India.  The integration of technology and creativity is not a novel phenomenon in Indian literature where one can find the narrative tradition of ancient Indian literature which includes poetical words, paintings, and music, for instance, Pattachitra, Ragamala paintings and Chitra Kavi. Similarly, new literary practices and expressions in the digital environment include literary artefacts such as interfaces, images, audio and videos. These works serve as a gateway to exciting electronic literature in India. 


new literary practices, digital environment, India, ancient literary pratices

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Author Biography

Nirmala Menon

Dr. Nirmala is co-author of the article


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