Common Spaces: Multi-Modal-Media Ecosystem for Live Performances

  • Luis Leite
  • Rui Torres
  • Luis Aly


Common Spaces is an interface for real-time media convergence and live performance combining media, applications and devices. A multimodal media ecosystem was designed to respond to the requirement of a specific performance — how to mix multiple applications into a single environment. This collaborative environment provides a flexible interface for performers to negotiate, share, and mix media, applications, and devices. Common Spaces is a framework based on interoperability and data flow, a network of virtual wires connecting applications that “talk” to each other sharing resources through technologies such as OSC or Syphon. With this approach, media designers have the freedom to choose a set of applications and devices that best suit their needs and are not restricted to a unique environment. We have implemented and performed with this ecosystem in live events, demonstrating its feasibility. In our paper we describe the project's concept and methodology. In the proposed performance we will use the Digital Archive of Portuguese Experimental Literature ( as a framework, appropriating its database assets, remixing its contents, as well as the techniques and methods they imply, stimulating the understanding of the archive as variable and adaptable. These digital re-readings and re-codings of experimental poems further highlight the importance of the materialities of experimental writing, integrating self-awareness in the modes of exchanges between literature, music, animation, performance, and technology.


multimodality, live performance, media ecosystem, interoperability

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