The landscape, a tool for analysing emerging territories at the interface between nature and society: the Guaporé valley - Jauru/MT-Brasill

Keywords: Landscape, Amazon, Nature and society, Sustainable development


In Brazil, important environmental and social changes affecting the country. The management of natural resources arises crucially before the anthropic pressure. After Rio-92, the country engaged in the promotion of sustainable management of the environment. The scientific community recognizes that sustainability issues should be addressed globally, integrating the interaction of natural dynamics, socio-economic and socio-cultural. In this context "pluridisciplinarity necessary" to address the variables of sustainable development, we propose a research problem focused on the "landscape" (Bertrand, 2002) as a tool of dialogue between natural sciences and social sciences around environmental issues. This article aims to show how the landscape is an indicator of anthropic processes emerging territories - the valley of Guaporé-Jauru / southwestern state of Mato Grosso, Brazil - and to what extent it is a pertinent analysis tool of spatial dynamics in interface nature-society.


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