Geographic cosmography in the understanding of terrestrial dynamics

Keywords: physical geography, geographic cosmography, education


This paper discusses the role of Geographic Cosmography in the understanding of the physical dynamics of the Earth through the worldview of students of the sixth grade of a school in Rio Grande do Sul, in order to highlight the intimate relationship between extraterrestrial phenomena and dynamics physical characteristics of the planet, such as the climate, the shape of the Earth, relations expressed through Cartography, among other aspects. The methodology used involves the analysis of textbooks of the sixth year that approach the Geographic Cosmography through another science, Astronomy, and establishes a discussion about the subject with the students of the sixth year of elementary school. The results obtained were based on the realization of groups for discussion on the relationship between the areas of Physical Geography and phenomena of cosmographic origin, which implied in a well-related analysis between some areas of Geography with the relevance of a cosmographic knowledge for the understanding of a total context on the agents that characterize the dynamics with the nature lived by the humanity.


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