Germanophilia in Portugal during the First World War: The case of the Madrid newspaper ABC

  • Miguel Dias Santos Centro de Estudos Interdisciplinares do Século XX


In the conflict between alliedophiles and germanophiles, which occurred in Europe during the Great War, press played a central role in the cultural ideological debates. The ABC, from Madrid, was part of the germanophile press accused of servicing Germany to avoid Madrid entering the War. In Portugal, the ABC was widely read, especially by the monarchical and catholic faction, accused of germanophilia. It was also read by the militaries that were against the Portuguese participation in the War, so it was forbidden in Portugal. Its position concerning both internal and external affairs revealed a clear goal: to prevent Portugal’s belligerency. Its speech, through its correspondents, critically analyzed the goals, the strategy and Portugal’s financial and military capacity to participate in that worldwide conflict alongside the Allies.


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