The Sense of the Our-Days History

  • Andrei Marga Imérito académico da Universidade de Cluj-Napoca e ex-Ministro da Educação da Roménia.


Several authors have, over time, searched for a definition of society. The attempt to prepare for the course of current times, in a more spiritualist way, as Hegel seeked to define, or in a positive way, as Comte did, among other authors, takes a great deal of time. This paper, however, argues that, in present-day societies, people build their history according to four systems generated by time: economy, politics, administration and cultura. This interplay shapes people’s lives and, therefore, world order. It is for that reason that we believe that this integrated approach facilitates how we look at and understand time and the history of society. In trying to understand societies, it is important to assess the role of its authors, especially that of the major world powers (USA, China, Russia, European Union), that shape th world in a way that suits their interests. On the understanding that the “play of the world” is decided at economic and military level, the USA, China and Russia seem to be the three powers that give new form to the world background. A world in which Eastern socialism and liberal capitalism are declining, in which the modern society project is gaining ground, with everlasting new values in rivalry, in which individual freedoms and human rights seem to prevail in a near future and the issue of economic and institutional development will continue to take precedence. However, we need to consider how the three superpowers will work in concert on direct contact areas, bearing in mind that they will be living in a world that calls for multilateralism, a hectic world in which each power knows that there is nothing to gain if they engage in major confrontations. The European Union will have to reorganise itself in this new world towards democratisation, as otherwise its future will be in danger, and to regain its world status. All these changes, reorganisations, and adapting to new times and their needs means that we will be living in a world full of alternative developments, with varied opportunities, yet profoundly uncertain. There is no reason for pessimism, however, as that uncertainty can easily be overcome through a deeper inquiry into realities, using possibilities in the best way to use creativity in order to reach new ideas and new ways of living.


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