Cyclic and dynamic behaviour of an artificially cemented silty sand




Soil-cement, long-term permanent deformation, resilient modulus, deformation due to cyclic loading


The cyclic and dynamic behaviour of an artificially cemented silty sand was analysed with cyclic triaxial tests and shear wave velocities measured with ultrasonic transducers. For the cyclic triaxial tests, the European standard EN 13286-7 (CEN, 2004) was followed in a first stage. The evolution of the resilient modulus with stress level was analysed as well as the permanent deformation evolution with the number of cycles at the light of the shakedown concept. In a second stage, cyclic triaxial tests were performed to analyse the long-term permanent deformation in cemented and uncemented specimens to check its evolution with cementation level. It was demonstrated that, in cemented specimens, although very small deformations were observed for the first cycles, after a significant number of cycles the permanent deformation can be quantified, possibly due to the degradation of the cement bonds. On the contrary, in the unbounded materials, there is a very significant permanent deformation accumulation in the first load cycles, which then tends to stabilise as the number of cycles increases. For that reason, the material classification according to the shakedown theory, as suggested in the European standard, is not applicable to cemented materials, and does not reflect its long-term behaviour which is dependent on bond breakage.



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