Vocalic Galaxy

  • Juan Angel Italiano


Vocalic Galaxy (00:05:27) is a possible sound interpretation of the text by Pedro Xisto “VOGALAXIA” (Ed. Invenção / São Paulo – 1966) in which the vowels (working elements) are related to each other. The oralization of the work follows the suggestions of the author: the vowels sound open or closed, nasal, accented, whispered, accelerated, sung, alone or in chorus, in a constant permutation. The readings of the sequences were vertical, horizontal, transverse or circular, looking for the construction of a sound representation of a vowel universe, a galaxy of vowels. It includes the modified sound of a solar prominence captured by the A.I.A. multiband instrument from the Solar Dynamics Observatory (NASA). At the moment of editing, different directions of the soundscape were explored in order to generate the idea of multiplicity of sources of sound origin.

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