Elenchtike techne, erotike techne: in margine al Carmide platonico

Keywords: Plato, Charmides, Socratic eros, Socratic dialogue, erotic paideia


The paper aims to investigate the relationship between ἐρωτικὴ τέχνη and ἐλεγκτικὴ τέχνη in Plato’s early dialogues, and especially in the Charmides, through a close exam of the role of ἀντέρως in the dialogical practice and exchanges. In the light of Socrates’ reshaping of the roles of ἐραστής and ἐρώμενος in his view of παιδεία – exemplarily shown in the Symposium – I will analyse some passages of Socrates’ conversations in the Charmides by focusing on the interaction between the one who examines and the one who answers within the elenctic procedure.


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Pentassuglio, F. (2020). Elenchtike techne, erotike techne: in margine al Carmide platonico. PLATO JOURNAL, 20, 55-66. https://doi.org/10.14195/2183-4105_20_4

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