Il proemio alle leggi (in Platone, Leggi V 726-734)

Keywords: Plato, Laws, Preambles, Persuasion, Subjectivism, Utilitarianism


In Plato’s Laws several passages have been clearly conceived of as preambles. The most extended, and prominent, is the one we find at the beginnings of Book five. It amounts to a complicate tour de force, not easy to be accounted for.
What surfaced during the present investigation is a meandrical line of thought which ends with the unexpected adoption of a proto-utilitarianist point of view. This turn is not only interesting (and possibly surprising) per se, since it implies that the author fully acknowledges the role of subjective evaluations that may well ignore the ontological hierarchy between gods-souls-bodies as well as the force of persuasion a wise legislator avails of.


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