Latin in the System of Philological education

integrative and differentiated approach




Latim, germanistas, filólogos românicos, abordagem integrativa e diferenciada


The article deals with the integrative and differentiated nature of the discipline Latin in the paradigm of education of philologists – specialists in Romance and Germanic languages. It is proved that Latin, integrating with a number of disciplines of professional training of philologists in the context of philological education, contributes to the theoretical training of linguists. At the same time, it is determined that the course of Latin should clearly meet the needs of future professionals, and thus take into account their professional orientation. Therefore, there is a need to differentiate the content of education depending on the specialty of philology students.


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Shovkovyi, V., Lazer-Pankiv, O., Shovkova, T., & Druzhchenko, T. (2021). Latin in the System of Philological education: integrative and differentiated approach. Boletim De Estudos Clássicos, (66), 165-180.