How brain and neuronal networks explain human reality

  • Javier Monserrat Universidad Autónoma de Madrid


How is human reality presented to us as a phenomenological experience? It is, in fact, the one we see present in our daily personal and social life. We are made of matter, we are part of the evolutionary universe. In addition, a psychic life is formed in us: sensation, a system of perceptions, an integrated consciousness, a condition of psychological subject; Although we produce knowledge, emotions, motivations, we mostly have a mind that rationally moves and installs us into a world of human emotions; This emotional reason lies at the basis of the search for the universal truth, the meaning of life and the moral responsibility in personal and social life. Therefore, our human reality is a personal reality. What science, namely neurology, must explain is obvious: how our sensibility-consciousness, our condition of psychic subjects, knowledge and emotional reason have emerged in the universe.


Neurology; Sensitivity-awareness; Subject; Emotional; Neural networks

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