Public and private measures to combat disinformation. A comparative analysis




Disinformation, legislation, Foreign interference, Public measures, States


The aim of this research is to carry out an analysis and description of the main public and private measures taken by the different actors involved in the fight against disinformation at a global level.

From this point of view, five factors that have determined the responses of the states to this new scenario of dysfunctional digital democracy are proposed: the competence distribution and the geographical dimension; the distinction between strategies, measures and objectives; the definition of the actors involved and their functions in the responses taken; the temporary distinction of the actions and objectives and the coordination and follow-up guidelines of the policies aimed to tackle disinformation and limiting information disorders.

The new context presents conceptual challenges that will have legal consequences and that begin with the legislative definition of disinformation but that affect the notion of digital newspaper or the definition of censorship in times of overinformation.


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