Functional classifcation and defect assessment on unpaved roads in Amapá

Keywords: Amapá, unpaved roads, functionality, morphometry


The purpose of this work was to establish a classification for the highways in the State of Amapá based
on the relation of functionality. It was also intended to apply and adapt a simplified physical assessment method and instrument to study defects in unpaved roads in order to improve its monitoring and maintenance process. For the functional classification of the studied highways, the parameters stipulated in the Geometrical Design Manual for Rural Roads in Brazil were applied in GIS, considering the field records related to access and mobility aspects. Morphometric data were also collected in the field to assess the physical characteristics of the defects on the highways. An adapted instrument and simplified methodology were used for the records, which were later analyzed using appropriate software. As a result, a reference system is presented for the functional classification of Amapá roads and ratification of the effectiveness of a simplified methodology with an adapted instrument for assessing the physical conditions of defects on unpaved roads.


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