Consumer society as the new archetype of the individualism economy


  • Paulo Fernando Pereira Fabião Simões 967684092



archetype, society, consumption, marketing


This text intends to analyze and critically reflect on the new archetypes in an increasingly individualistic and hedonist society. The central issues of work relate materialism and superfluous consumption in an economy based on the free market and the way in which it came to create standardized behaviors on a global scale. Did these archetypes create a crisis of values ​​where possession leads to disposability? Did the ethics crisis in companies and institutions, create the phenomenon of facilitation and pressure on the customer creating more complex and aggressive marketing strategies? Does over indebtedness lead to over individualism? Are we still under the threat of leaving the bill for future generations, thus creating a “paying” generation? These are some questions, among others that are intended to be answered here in order to better understand the new archetypes and the impact they may have on society.


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