From Agamben to "Psicossocial action in Carmona" - The biopolitcs of colonialism


  • Eduardo António Margarido Universidade Nova de Lisboa FCSH, Instituto de comunicação



The consideration of biology as politics, as bio-politics, have a particular field of observation and study that is the colonialism.  True the reflexions of the philosopher Giorgio Agamben we will approach the way how the naked life is integrated in the colonial sovereignty, and how that process of integration is revealed in the historic fabric, especially true the image, whit the singular method of  YERVANT GIANIKIAN E ANGELA RICCI LUCCHI applied to the analyse of footage produced by the Portuguese military and colonial apparatus, particularly the propaganda films about the lusotropilismo.  These methodologies give us references for the identification in the modernity of the historic ambivalence of the archives and its images. Their work of creative manipulation of images show us one interesting path that, in dialogue whit academic research, turns the artistic methods as a crucial element in the process of analyse of speech, whatever is communication vehicle  may be.


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