Learning to live together, a necessary utopia

The importance of education for Citizenship in School in a globalized world





Educação, Cida­dania, Valores, Europa, Globalização


Under the recent National Strategy for Education for Citizenship, a new curricular component is proposed in primary and secondary education: Citizenship and Development, which includes the European dimension of education.  The European dimension of education aims to train young people aware of their belonging to the Union, intervening directly and actively in the project of European construction. With this European Citizenship, the aim is to develop a European identity based on a set of values and sense of belonging in relation to Europe and the world. Learning to live together, respecting the other, the different, whether the next-door neighbour, the European, or other peoples, cultures and religions, in a democracy where respect for human rights is the principle for active citizenship, is the starting point for this study. This process of learning to live together includes understanding Europe, its history and future, the development of human rights and the deepening of democracy. On the one hand, it is an opportunity for the peoples of Europe to share and benefit from a diverse and rich heritage, and on the other hand, to serve as an example of culture and civilisation for the world. This European dimension of education is a challenge.


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