Golvol, CHC and Other Attic Fragments from a Portuguese Private Collection

Palavras-chave: Greek Vases, Golvol Group, CHC Group, Black Figure, Black Glaze


The study of private Greek art collections has recently garnered growing attention in Portugal, giving rise to a number of publications that show the high interest these pieces attract from collectors. Following this trend, we present a new set of Greek ceramic fragments, which is part of a private collection. This small collection consists of fragments belonging to five Attic vases, corresponding to three black-figure pieces, of which one is exceptional in quality, and two black-glazed vases. In this article, we briefly frame these pieces, followed by a catalogue intended to describe their decorative motifs and, whenever possible, suggest an attribution for their form and painter. The study of this small set has, among other aspects, brought a new addition to the reduced range of pieces attributed to the Golvol Group and to identify another example of the expressive work of the CHC Group.


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