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Memory, Memorabilia and the Making


Editors: Armando Rabaça, Bruno Gil


In the new time consciousness of modernity, Jürgen Habermas tells us, historical memory gives place to an ahistorical use of the past, which explains the abstract language of avant-garde aesthetics. Suffice to think of authors such as Picasso and Le Corbusier and in the relationships their work establishes with the past. In their collections particulières, memorabilia ranged from vernacular to primitive and classical artefacts, the operative value of which rested in their aesthetic qualities, independently of their place in the continuum of history. The past was a source of raw material, opening new conceptual and morphological paths in the subversive processes of creation. As structuralists would put it, the past provided them with signs to be implicated in new sign structures, constructing new meanings.

Exhausted the impulse of modernity and the post-modernist collage of historical iconography, how do architects use the past in defining new aesthetic paths? In today’s image-based culture, what operative role does memorabilia play in the processes of architectural creation, be it in morphological or in conceptual terms? How does memorabilia, and memory in general, act as a catalyst for artistic thinking?

In a time when architectural design is increasingly subjected to building regulations, restricting its freedom as a creative act, Joelho - Journal of Architectural Culture is particularly interested in papers addressing the operative role of memory in the creative processes of architectural design.



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First stage: potential contributors should submit the full article in English (4,000 to 6,000 words, plus footnotes and captions), an abstract (with no more than 1000 characters, including spaces) and illustrations until February 28th, 2021. These will be subject to a blind peer-review process.

Blind peer-reviews will be reported to the authors until April 15th, 2021.

Second stage: Articles found suitable for publication must take into account the reviewers’ comments. A revised article must be then submitted until May 15th, 2021.

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N.º 10 (2019): Team 10: Debate and Media in Portugal and Spain
					Ver N.º 10 (2019): Team 10: Debate and Media in Portugal and Spain


Team 10: Debate and Media in Portugal and Spain

Guest Editors: Nuno Correia, Pedro Baía, Carolina B. García Estévez

This issue of JOELHO is published in association with the International Conference “Team Ten Farwest: Critical
Revision of the Modern Movement in the Iberian Peninsula, 1953–1981”. For the preparation of this conference — held in Porto in November 2019, in the year that marks the 60th anniversary of the last CIAM meeting of Otterlo in 1959 — two preliminary meetings were held, where several contributions of Portuguese and Spanish academics were presented — in Guimarães, December 2017, and Barcelona, June 2018. Many different historiographical perspectives were centred on subjects like the protagonists, the processes, architectural works, urbanism, and representation — from anthropology to cinema, from pedagogy to research,
from architectural language to theory, from housing to tourism, from image to criticism.
After these two meetings, the guest editors of JOELHO challenged the academics interested in this subject —
whether they had been in Guimarães and Barcelona, or not — to submit full papers that could contribute to deepen the knowledge about the means of diffusion of the ideas coming out of the Team 10 meetings, both in Portugal and Spain. Although not exclusively, the proposed articles could be focused on publications in all forms — architectural magazines, books, manifestos, television shows and documentaries; meetings, congresses and exhibitions; or individual personalities.
All the papers here published result from that open call for papers.
The title of this issue is composed by three moments of focus: Team 10 / Debate and Media / Portugal and
Spain. The main focus addresses Team 10 as a group of architects who were dealing with the renovation process of Modern Architecture after the Second World War. Known as an informal group, Team 10 was however a platform of discussion, based on a complex network of several individual links with schools of architecture, architectural magazines, editors, writers and artists. That network is analysed in the second moment of focus. The last moment is a cultural and geographical one. In part because of their specific languages and political situations, Portugal and Spain were two countries geographically and culturally far from the centre of Europe. Although, despite that distance, there were many architects who managed to break this cultural detachment [...]

Presentation Congress Team Ten FarWest, FAUP, Porto 29th November, 16.30
Publicado: 2019-12-26

Joelho 10 Editorial

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