Phylosophy of the body and inventory of pain

(II) anonimity, altrity and intercorporal relation according to M. Merleau-Ponty




Intersubjectivity, Intercorporality, Anonymity, Perception, Sensible


One of the fundamental aspects of our complex embodiment, suggested in the first part of this research by the alignment of the experience of the amputee with the experience of mourning, remained implicit and not developed: it was the role played by the body in the origins of the so called intersubjective relation, or if we want to put it in different terms, the role played by the body regarding the problem of the existence of other minds. In order to deal with this problem, we will return to M. Merleau-‑Ponty’s phenomenological project in order to tackle the following question: in what way is by means of the body that an “I” can truly be “a plural”.


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