The RFC publishes articles and unpublished studies as well as reviews, admitting texts of all philosophical frameworks, themes and disciplines. Its editorial aim is to promote high quality philosophical research, as it can be measured by a rigorous policy of peer review. All the papers published in the RFC are submitted to scientific peer review based on a first appreciation by the editor and the Editorial board, and then, on a blind peer review process of at least two appraisers. The core of the RFC results from the research currently carried out in the Philosophy Section and the collaboration requested from Portuguese and foreign experts.

The most frequently used languages of the RFC are Portuguese, Spanish, English and French. Since its first issue, the RFC reflects the diversity of the theoretical frameworks of current philosophical research, both at home and abroad, publishing papers from both a systematic and historical perspective, from Greek philosophy to the 21st century. The Journal is published in paper format and maintains a wide system of national and international exchanges, distributed by dozens of national libraries and by as many institutions spread across thirteen countries.