Philosophy, Psychology and Psychiatry

The inconsistency of psyche mechanicist model. Unconsciousness and Dialectics on Hegel’s Anthropology: an outline for a Philosophy of Psychology


  • Rui Gabriel da Silva Caldeira Universidade de Coimbra



Hegel, Thomas Szasz, Consciousness, Unconsciousness, Anthropology, Spirit, Subjectivity, Psychology, Psychiatry, Psychoanalysis, Dialectics, Mind, Mental disorder, Psychic, Psychotropic, Anti­‑psychiatry, Depression, Schizophrenia


Taking into account brief definitions of Philosophy, Psychology and Psychiatry, the present article seeks to demonstrate that Hegel’s Anthropology a) solves the classic body/mind dualism, b) gives a comprehensive answer to the query of the Universals, c) already conceives a philosophy of corporality within which lies an impulsive unconsciousness integrated in psyche’s structure by means of reason’s dialectical work, sui generis in Hegel’s way of thinking. Finally, d) in view of the dialectic-‑speculative freedom immanent to Spirit, along with contemporary investigations, it shows that consciousness and madness are not reductive to bio-‑psychopharmacological mechanicist model that supports Psychiatry and Psychoanalysis´s essential.


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