For a new alter­‑mondialist spirit (i) From cosmopolitism (Kant) to the «new international» (Derrida)




Benjamin, Derrida, Citizenship, Cosmopolitism, Justice, Ethics of hospitality, New International, Alter­‑mondialisation


In its general outline, this text began by informing a lecture given at the IX ECATI Cycle under the title of The Constellation of the Planetarium. It was then a matter of stating how the cosmopolitanism rethought by Jacques Derrida
really tries to respond, in a bold and just way, to the demend to “think under the mode of the constellation” (cf. W. Benjamim), at the same time emphasizing the implications of this demend at the level of the political and the instituted.

Now improved and more substantiated, this text attemps to show, by highlighting not only the inestimable legacy but also thev limits, the powerlessness and the serious deficiencies of cosmopolitanism – its main theoretical philosophical presuppositions of metaphysical nature – how Jacques Derrida re-thinks it in terms of altermondialisation to come.


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