Renewed Phenomenology. Marc y Ricardo in Coimbra


  • Pelayo Pérez García Diretor de Eikesía – Revista de Filosofia



Richir, Urbina, Phenomenology


There are authors, such as Gustavo Bueno or Marc Richir, to mention those truly extraordinary who inevitably link us to Ricardo Sanchez Ortiz de Urbina, in which the constructive philosophical requirements force us to discover a “plane of consistency” and to walk through a philosophical path with such a strength that our questions, our suspicions, even our hopes, are accommodated and fond a kind of exact geometry of its location. On this occasion I would like to show in what way Richir inevitably link us to Urbina by that same path. The pretext of this presentation will be the visits to Coimbra of Marc Richir and Ricardo Sánchez Ortiz de Urbina.


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