Body ecology and belonging




belonging, body ecology, Renaud Barbaras, world, body


The original phenomenon of belonging makes explicit one of the fundamental problems of the continental philosophical tradition: the body-world relationship. This relationship has traditionally been constructed based on the subject's own selfhood (I) or corporeality, affirming that it is because I have a body that I can say that I belong to a world. Faced with this problem, a phenomenology of belonging proposed by R. Barbaras arises, which expresses the need to rethink the conception of subjectivity, as well as the need for an inversion in the body-world relationship based on the subject's own belonging to the world. This is where the true meaning and ontological scope of the experience of the body appears, since having a body means nothing other than belonging, and appearance can only occur from within the world, from our inscription in it. Thus, bodily ecology will constitute a specific example that shows the scope of this inversion and will make explicit the ontological kinship between the body and the world.



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