History of a curse

women in the Church





woman, exclusion, patriarchal culture, misogyny


The present work wants to offer an updated reflection on some themes of the feminist theology debate, which are positively provoking theology and the official Magisterium of the Church. The exegetical and historical studies of theologians carried out in recent years allowed a different look, an exit from the center, to see better, a look that was not influenced by the unique and manipulative thinking used by those who hold power. The process of unmasking and demystifying the social roles played by the paternalistic and androgynous structure of society, carried out by female theology, frees women forever from ancestral submission to men. There is no basis of any kind that justifies the inequality between men and women and the submission of women to men. The restructuring of the cultural stratifications of the western world, unmasking the deception perpetrated over the centuries to keep women submissive at all levels of the social fabric, leads to the restoration of order in the world, to putting things back in the order that the Creator wanted.


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